Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Royal News

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate on the announcement that they are expecting their first child. The news has sent the nation into a Royal-mania, such as after the Royal wedding and the Queen's diamond jubilee. To celebrate I have collaborated a list of things you might not know about the Royal Family:

  1. The Royal Family’s reign spans 37 generations and 1209 years.
  2. All of the monarchs are descendants of King Alfred the Great, who reigned in 871. This means their ancestors include Henry VIII (who created the Protestant Church and beheaded two of his 6 wives), and Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, under whose rule England prospered in the Golden Age.
  3. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, are distantly related. They both share the same great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria.
  4. The Royal family invented their own surname. Originally, the family went by the name of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but because of the name sounding too German meant it was dropped. Instead, the surname Windsor was adopted during WW1. Queen Elizabeth then decreed all her descendants would be called Mountbatten-Windsor, combining her husband’s original family name.
  5. Queen Elizabeth likes to be called “Your Majesty” or “Ma’am”, even by close friends.
  6. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 means no member of the British Royal family is allowed to marry under the age of 25 without consent from the monarch.
  7. The Royal family disliked US President Jimmy Carter because he kissed the Queen Mother on the lips at their first meeting.
  8. The longest reign by any monarch has been Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901), who reigned for 63 years.
  9. Queen Elizabeth II served in the armed forces, and was the first female member of the family to do so.
  10. Princess Diana and her mother were born in same room of the same house.
  11. The Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, competed in the 1976 Olympics in equestrian.
  12. Prince Charles wife, Camilla, is the descendant of Alice Keppel, a former mistress of Charles’ great-great-grandfather, Edward VII. Incidentally, Camilla was Charles’ infamous mistress, which led to his divorce from Princess Diana.
  13. In 1936, Edward VII abdicated the thrown to marry a twice-divorced American socialite, Wallis Simpson. He was succeeded by younger brother, and Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI.