Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's a blog. About history.

Hello, I'm Amelia Sinclair, a 16 year old girl from North London who goes to Haberdasher's Askes School for Girls and is passionate about history. I have recently decided to write down all my history-related thoughts, in the form of a blog. I was inspired to start my blog by fact that I recently discovered (upon research) that there are very few accessible blogs for teenagers interested in History, such as myself. Whilst sifting through Google looking for interesting history websites, I was slightly annoyed that there weren't more nice handy blogs that had already done all the sifting for me. 
I spent a couple of days wondering around trying to come up with an amusing and witty blog title. But eventually I gave into the cliche and named it after one of all time favorite films; 'History Boys'. (If you haven't watched it then you definitely need to). 
I am currently studying Nazi Germany and the History of Medicine through time, however I'll be writing posts about pretty much anything that interests me and catches my eye.